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Al-Safa to Cup Finals upon Winning over Al-Ansar 1-0 (07-04-2011)
Al-Safa qualified to the Lebanese Cup finals upon beating the Cup holder Al-Ansar 1-0 in a match held within the semi-finals round on the Sports City Stadium in Beirut.

This is Al-Safa’s second win over Al-Ansar within two weeks, as it previously won over the latter in the Premier League with a single goal scored by Khodor Salameh.

Al-Safa will meet the winner of the match between Al-Ahed and Shabab al-Sahel which will be held on Friday.

Back to the match, the first half was full of caution as the play was embraced in the midfield, with several attempts to score by both teams. Khodor Salameh shot a rocket-like ball to be blocked by Hassan Moghniyyeh and turn into a corner kick. Edison then wasted two attempts; the first was a header to hit the crossbar and the second was also a header into the goalkeeper’s hands.

The performance improved in the second half where the Greens increased their attacks, yet Edison continued to waste opportunities to score; most notably when he was face-to-face with the net, but Ziad al-Samad blocked the ball before entering the net. Ali Nasereddine also wasted another opportunity when he cross-passed one of the defenders and shot the ball, standing in front of the goalkeeper, into outside the net.

In contrary to the match course, Al-Safa scored in the 57th minute from a fixed ball played by Haitham Atwi into the box be headed by Ibrahim Khayreddine into the goalkeeper’s right side. Al-Ansar failed to be a threat on Al-Safa’s net, knowing that Al-Safa players wasted a lot of opportunities to double their result. Thus, the match ended 1-0 for Al-Safa which hereby qualified to the finals.

Opportunities and Goals:

2nd minute: Mahmud al-Zoghbi shoots the ball into the goalkeeper’s hands.

9th minute: Edison shoots the ball into Ziad al-Samad’s hands.

10th minute: Khodor Salameh shoots a rocket-like ball from outside the box to be blocked by Hassan Moghniyyeh and turn into a corner kick

19th minute: A corner kick reach Edison who heads it into the crossbar

21st minute: Ramos shoots the ball from a free kick outside the box to touch the side net.

37th minute: A cross by Mohammed Atwi to Edison who heads it into al-Samad’s hands

52nd minute: Edison alone inside the box and shoots the ball to be blocked by al-Samad and turn into a corner kick

56th minute: A long pass into the box to Ali Nasereddine who cross-passes Ali al-Saadi and shoots the ball into outside the net.

57th minute: A free kick played by Haitham Atwi into the box to be headed by Ibrahim Khayreddine into Moghniyyeh’s left side. 1-0 for Al-Safa

58th minute: A cross inside the box by Mohammed Zein Tahhan to be blocked by Moghniyyeh

77th minute: Hassan Moghniyyeh leaves his net and blocks a threatening attempt by Roni Azar before the latter reached the net alone
84th minute: Mohammed Zein Tahhan shoots the ball from outside the box into above the crossbar.
Representing Al-Ansar were the goalkeeper Hassan Moghniyyeh and the players Moataz Bellah al-Junaidi, Ramos, Mohammed Hammoud, Sami al-Shoum (Tarek Halloum), Rabih Ataya (Kassem Mannaa), Mohammed Atwi, Nabil Baalbeki, Kassem Leila (Ahmad Ayyoub),Ali Nasereddine and Edison.
Representing al-Safa were the goalkeeper Ziad al-Samad and the players Tarek al-Amarati, Ibrahim Khayreddine, Omar Owaida (Abdullah Taleb), Mohammed Karhani, Khodor Salameh, Hamza Abboud, Ali al-Saadi, Haitham Atwi, Mahmud al-Zoghbi (Roni Azar, Rami Kaddoura) and Mohammed Zein Tahhan.
Referee Ali Sabbagh led the match, assisted by Ahmad Kawwas and Bilal Zein, with Mohammed al-Mawla as a fourth referee.
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